Keepsake Boxes


Lasting Memory Boxes For Loved Ones

Infancy makes up a tiny period of a child’s life, but it’s a time that’s filled with magic, wonder and many Firsts. The Love Box Co have created a range of baby keepsake boxes, or memory boxes, for babies, mums, dads and loved ones alike. It’s the perfect way to store a baby’s first and most precious memories, whether it be sonogram photos, a lock of hair or the hospital bracelet they came home in. 

Baby Memory Boxes 

Most parents would love to preserve the memories of their children’s birth and infancy, as it’s a time that ends so quickly and can pass by in a blur of sleepless nights. What better way to document a parenting journey than with a baby memory box? Our baby keepsake boxes are just what you need to collect things from your child’s infancy to give to them once they’re all grown up. You can add a special touch through a personalised message engraved on it to highlight the milestone. View our full range of keepsake boxes here 

Keepsake Boxes 

Life is filled with many precious moments, and the birth of a baby is just one of them. Keepsake boxes are an excellent way to store previous memories of a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other event you’re celebrating. Here are a few ideas: 

  • When a friend celebrates their graduation, you can buy them a keepsake box filled with chocolates or treats
  • A keepsake box is a perfect gift for a bride to store items from her wedding day
  • When you have a loved one who has Alzheimer's, a keepsake box can be used to contain reminders of their life and things you want them to remember
  • You can send your well-wishes to sick loved ones by presenting them with goodies in a keepsake box
  • Congratulate a colleague on their promotion with a “Congratulations” keepsake box 

While our boxes are tangible things, they store something that cannot be seen or touched – memories and love. Our keepsake boxes come in different sizes and styles and can be customised according to your requirements. Gifting someone a keepsake box adds a meaningful touch to gift giving that will linger long after time has passed.