Your Special High Tea


Imagine this: a beautifully arranged display of sweet treats, miniature cakes and elaborately decorated shortbread, all balanced on top of pristine high tea stands. Intricate rose gold coupe glasses and rose gold tumblers adorn the table, as a group of ladies laugh and gossip as they dine on the perfect high tea.

These are the memories we would like to create through our knowledge and expertise on hosting the perfect high tea.

Now-a-days, high teas are used for events such as, birthdays, bridal parties, baby showers or a general get-together with friends or family.

However, high teas originated in Britain in the 1700’s as an afternoon meal for working men served between 3 and 4 o’clock. The meal was eaten while standing up or sitting on tall stools, thus attracting the name of ‘high’ tea. Later this traditional afternoon meal developed into an important social event for Ladies and Gentleman.

From our experience, to host the perfect high tea you will need to supply a wide variety of sweet and savoury treats for your guests. You will need a lavish arrangement of high tea stands and platters as well as beautiful cutlery, plates and glassware.


In our high tea we used the Cristine Re coupe and tumbler rose gold glasses to create a more luxurious experience. Depending on the event, a high tea should be hosted in the right environment that suits the style and occasion. Personalising the food and decorations to fit your surroundings will help create the perfect event.

The elaborate decorations aren’t the only thing that creates the perfect high tea, you need the perfect appetizers. Therefore, hiring the perfect chef is so important and we know the best Lady for the job. The lovely cakes and cookies as pictured are made by Sugarize, our high tea expert and patisserie genius.

Lastly, to top off the decorations and the food, all you need now is the perfect gift! The Lovebox Co has a large selection of beautiful keepsake boxes for that special occasion. Whether it’s a Birthday, Bridal party or Baby Shower, we have the perfect keepsake boxes and gifts for you.

 - Charlotte Ann