The Special Role of a Teacher

A teacher’s gift to their students is not what they teach, but how they inspire their students to shape their future - Charlotte Ann


The bond that a teacher shares with their students is a rare kind of friendship. Students will have many teachers throughout their life, but only some will leave footprints in your heart.

I myself share this special bond with a music teacher. Every lesson I have with her I treasure, she makes the arts more enjoyable which is an added bonus. Not only do I share this friendship with her, she was the one who helped make me see the talent that I possess when it comes to music.

I couldn’t be more grateful for having a teacher who has my back, always. As a thank you present, I presented her with a beautiful teacher keepsake box.

Throughout the rest of my schooling years I will look to this special teacher for guidance and support, as a mentor.

If you too want to say a special thank you to a certain teacher at your school, our Teacher keepsake box is the perfect gift for any star teacher. You can personalise the box to have the teacher’s name engraved on the box and the year the box was gifted to them.

Sonia Giggins, the Co-Founder of The Lovebox Co, also wrote a special piece about a star teacher that has helped her two beautiful daughter’s grow.

Every keepsake box has a story that reflects a journey. Over ten years ago I joined a children’s activity group with a friend called Kindermusic. Every week preschool years we took our little girls to music class to sing and dance with each other. My youngest daughter Abby’s favourite music teacher taught at Kindermusic. Her classes were so much fun and full of energy!

Fast forward a few years when it was time for Abby to start prep. I was very excited to discover our favourite music teacher had been offered a position at our brand-new school. I moved my eldest daughter Alana to join grade 5 and I knew this was the start of an amazing journey of new friendships along with an incredible learning experience for the girls.

Over the last six years this special music teacher has played an important part of my girl’s everyday school life from being their music teacher, choir teacher and Alana’s homeroom teacher for her final senior years.

As we close the chapter on Alana’s high school years and reflect on her amazing achievements words cannot express how grateful I am for the passionate teachers who are there every day to encourage, motivate and support our kids!

Charlotte Ann