Pink Opal Bracelet with Silver Crystal Heart

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Pink Opal Bracelet with Silver Crystal Heart

Pink Opal – Origin Peru

Abalana Gemstone Bracelet Collections feature natural round polished or faceted gemstone beads and a gorgeous silver crystal heart bead with tiny messages of love and hope. Perfect for every day or for special occasions. We are passionate about unique jewellery gifts for those special moments in time for the young at heart. Perfect for bridal, birthdays and special events.


Ladies - approx 19.5cms

Ladies Small - approx 18cms

Girls - approx 16cms

Little Girls - approx 14.5 cms


Bracelet & Silver Crystal Care

To maintain your jewellery’s sparkle, we recommend cleaning your bracelet periodically with a damp cloth. You can use a small soft toothbrush to remove any dirt across the front and at the back of the heart. Use a silver polishing cloth to clean the silver crystal heart. Try not to let your jewellery come into contact with soap, cosmetics, hairspray and sunscreen as these items will dull your gems. Your bracelet can be worn every day, however it is advisable not to swim, shower, sleep or play sport whilst wearing. Store in a soft cloth or in their original box where they remain away from other gems that may scratch or rub against them.



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