Tea Tips


Nut Allergies

None of our Tea range contains any traces of nuts.  They are also crafted in a kitchen that does not process nuts.

Vegan (friendly)

All our Teas are Vegan.  They do not contain any animal products, nor do they contain any animal bi-products.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Pregnancy Safe Products

  • Lullaby
  • Mother’s Love
  • Tea for Two

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some teas contain caffeine, which needs to be kept under 200 mgs a day during pregnancy.  White tea contains 15 mgs per cup, Green Tea 20 mgs per cup and Black Tea contains 45 mgs per cup. Cacao also contains some caffeine.  These teas and cacao also have significant health benefits through their polyphenols and antioxidants so can be part of a healthy pregnancy diet, as long as you are aware of your caffeine intake. 

For women who love their Chai Teas, Rooibus Chai is perfect, caffeine free and has no Star Anise.  Star Anise is considered safe in small amounts in tea.  In pregnancy you would avoid the essential oil of Star Anise or a concentrate. 

Choc Chai, Green Chai and Masala Chai have some caffeine and a little Star Anise in them, but as a food in small amounts, Star Anise is considered safe.

Cinnamon Apple:  cinnamon in pregnancy has many benefits as a food.  Just avoid cinnamon oil or concentrated cinnamon supplements.

Balance:  contains some Spearmint and Peppermint.  Peppermint is very helpful in pregnancy.  Spearmint can be used in moderation in pregnancy.  A cup or 2 a day may help morning sickness.

Lavender is best avoided during pregnancy in medicinal quantities.  It is generally considered safe in a tea form, but may possibly be unsafe, so we don’t recommend it in pregnancy.

Lemongrass is best avoided in pregnancy due to its ability (in high doses) to initiate menstrual flow.  It is excellent in breastfeeding though.

Hibiscus is not recommended in pregnancy. Tea for Two contains spearmint, which is considered safe and useful in pregnancy when taken in moderate amounts eg. 1-3 cups a day of Tea for Two. 

Breastfeeding Safe Products

Berry-licious Ice Tea
Byron Bliss
Calming Chamomile
Love is Brewing
Mother's Love
Tea for Two

Frequency Asked Questions

Peppermint and Spearmint need to be avoided during breastfeeding in excessive amounts as they can limit milk supply in some women. Small amounts are okay.

 Some teas contain caffeine, which should be kept to under 300mg a day during breast feeding or less if you know your baby is sensitive to the caffeine you drink. White Tea contains 15mgs of caffeine per cup, Green Tea 20 mgs per cup, Black tea 45 mgs per cup.  Cacao has some caffeine in it, so keep this in mind for your overall caffeine intake each day.

Lavender is considered safe as a flavouring in tea during breastfeeding.

Lemongrass, while not recommended in pregnancy, is beneficial in breast feeding in aiding milk production.

Holy Basil or Tulsi (in Sanctuary) is not recommended when breastfeeding and as there are no studies done for breast feeding.

Best to avoid spicy and strong flavoured teas like chais (Masala Chai, Choc Chai, Green Chai and Sunshine Smoothie as they can affect the "taste" of your breastmilk.

Avoid Glow, Femme Fatale, Green Smoothie Tea, Insanitea, Clean Tea, Detox Tea, Mens Health Tea